Terms & Conditions


Goods of good quality can be returned within 14 calendar days from the date of their receipt.

Only new goods that do not have traces of use and are not in operation are subject to return, provided:

-saving its presentation and consumer characteristics

- lack of traces of socks and pollution

-security of seals, labels, tags, protective films

- factory marking

-integrity, integrity and safety of all parts of the individual (factory) packaging.

If, at the time of the exchange, a similar product is not on sale, you have the right to purchase any other goods from the existing assortment with a corresponding recalculation of value, or to terminate the contract and receive money back in the amount of the cost of the returned goods, or to exchange the goods for a similar one upon the first receipt of the corresponding goods for sale. We undertake to inform you of this on the day the product is on sale if you require an exchange.

If the contract of purchase and sale is broken, calculations with you are based on the cost of the goods at the time of purchase. The money paid for the goods is returned to you on the day the contract is broken, and in case of impossibility to return the money on the day the contract was broken, at another time by agreement of the parties, but not

later than 7 (seven) days.

A list of goods of good quality that are not subject to exchange or return.

These items include the following items available in our store:

Children's toys are soft.

Children's toys rubber inflatable.

Underwear - nightgowns, pajamas, bathrobes, home suits;

Bed linen, towels, bedspreads, rugs;

Corsetry goods - underwear, body, corsets, bathing suits;


Products for newborns (diapers, slings, diapers, nipples, feeding bottles, etc.).


The costs of sending goods and money upon return and exchange are paid by the buyer (with the exception of goods with production defects or non-compliance with the order).